We are partnering with 1 Nation 1 Day during the 1DayLA outreach in July 19-26 2020. We will be a neighborhood outreach team, helping cover the entire city with the message and compassion of Christ to those lost and downtrodden.

God has put in our hearts to reach over 1 million people face to face as well as online in their own languages during and leading up to the event. We see this as a catalytic event for our ministry, as it is in our home - and we have the intentions to simply continue to reach out, extending and radiating unto all the earth from this event.

Please consider joining us physically, spiritually, and financially in this vision for Los Angeles. We are here and seek to be the beating heart of compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ for those lost and looking for the meaning of life.

We look forward to joining with you in this with your unique giftings, skills, and languages. Let's do it together.


This is administered and paid to 1DayLA to cover training, equipping, gifts for the community of LA, as well as a stadium event at the Los Angeles Coliseum. We are looking to raise additional funds and resources to see the vision of 1 million Gospel presentations face to face online. Please see our Giving page to prayerfully contribute towards that. Thank you!

$299 for no accommodations, like those who are Southern California natives.

$1299 for those needing accommodations, not including airfare.

For more information please see 1dayla.com or contact facetofaceworldwide@protonmail.com

To join our team today please see facetoface.1dayla.com to register!