We are creating a new world. One where the world’s value and economy build the Kingdom of God - leveraged to achieve a transcendental purpose that goes beyond all value and good: the knowledge of God, for everyone on earth, forever - through the freewill offerings of individuals and organizations, creators and laborers, inventors and vendors, producers and consumers.

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Reach out to us to personal today to know how to donate your intellectual property/royalty, for today or as your part of your estate. Whether it is patents, publishing rights, or song masters - we envision a world where all types of creativity can be given to contribute to the work of God around the world. And we envision a world where it is easy to do so. We work to respect any level of privacy you desire.


Whether small family businesses or global firms - we can construct innovative ways to have the equity of your businesses be apart of our trust to bless the entire earth together, beyond our lifetimes. Whether you are just starting out with a dream, or your family has held a business for generations, we work with each in a unique way.

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Real Estate:

No matter the jurisdiction it is in, we can formulate property-specific plans to transfer any percentage of the ownership of your holdings - all the while providing an easy-to-understand, user-friendly interface for you on our worldwide infrastructure.


We accept this liquid asset to be able to deploy and build world infrastructure and fund evangelization endevors of all sizes.

Stocks and More

Anyone can contribute any quantity of public or private stock, in various world markets. We also can help you assign The Gospel Trust as your life insurance/bank account beneficiary.