Our heart to see youth and whoever find home and community, in each other and the abiding word of God in Christ. Whether you are already a believer and are looking for a home community, or are a seeker, open to God, curious, are interested in the Bible, lonely, or just need a community - let’s meet up and study the Bible and be together. Please message us, we can all work out a location and time together. God bless you and we hope to hear from you soon. We can get you a Bible if you’ve never had one or need one.

We fundamentally believe that the local church is God's mechanism for advancing and saturating throughout all the world. We also look to establish our presence in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles in the form of a local congregation, in order to give give place for the Gospel to transform lives and communities - here in the Arts District.

Email: facetofaceworldwide@protonmail.com


Text Eric: 909-938-1139