As part our endeavor to create a worldwide mechanism to make sure that every human being has an understandable access to know the love of God in Jesus Christ, we are establishing The Gospel Trust. For wherever humanity is, tomorrow, and in a thousand years,  the Gospel Trust is being established to ensure the sustainable funding of evangelistic and mission work for  humanity. Beyond a single language, modality, geographical source, industry, or epoch -

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We believe it is a human right to have access to the Word of God and what it means for each life - and that it is the Church’s place to see  it come to pass over and over.

To both work within the institutions of the world and withstand their passing and change.

Local or global, we are building worldwide infrastructure for people everywhere to contribute to the work of the Lord all around the world through the giving or equity in their businesses, intellectual property, and other interests and royalty streams.

Whether you are just starting up, or it is a family legacy business, we believe any offering can lead to the sustainable evangelization and discipleship of the whole earth.

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Please see our ethical guidelines.

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Ethical guidelines - not profiting from something sinful - pornography, trafficking of humans, contraband, drugs, unethical trading, Ponzi schemes

And compassion projects

Grants with follow up - to alleviate temptation that comes with too much ‘excess’ funds


Policy on governance- incentives

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