These are the values that compel us, shape us, drive us, and anchor us.

Love - At the heart of it all, love and compassion are the heart and propellant of evangelism and missions. We seek personal and collective communion with God, that we might learn more and more what unfailing love is, and be changed by it. The foundation of all things is first and foremost God’s love: for us, in us, and through us - without love, whatever we do is nothing. We seek to learn this love every day, being transformed thereby, and touching the world therewith.

The Contributions and Offerings for God’s Kingdom are Holy - We are stewards of these resources and aim to act in integrity and transparency before God and man. We will handle and administer the funds and assets entrusted to us in the fear of God. We will seek to make matters more transparent for our supporters.

Cost-Consciousness - We will always look for ways to increase the cost-effectiveness of the resources we have, in a spirit of stewardship. Whether in ways large or small, we will always keep in mind that with cost-consciousness we can reach more souls. We will also take into account the value of choosing quality over lower nominal investment, over time, when making decisions.

Respect for Authority - We will respect those God has placed over us in the Lord, and we will use the authority we were given to honor and upbuild others. We will always honor and respect the Lord Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church, which includes being head of this organization.

The Lord is With Us - The Lord has anointed us for the sake of the world. With His grace, we will break through the walls of the fear of man to bring the word of hope and life to the consciousness of all the world.

Zeal - We ask the Holy Spirit to give us a cloak of holy zeal, to be able to run ahead with the Lord’s banner and lead His precious people in a way that awakens a holy zeal and rally cry within them.

We Will Forget What is in the Past and Strive Forward Toward the Upward Call Of God in Christ Jesus - As individuals and as an organization, we will always leave the past in the past when it comes to mistakes, missed opportunities, and shortcomings - knowing that there is still work to do and that the Lord is still with us.

The Discipleship of the Seed - Just as Jesus was the one seed that died and gave life to the whole world, we will give our lives daily to bring life into the world and follow His lead. We also acknowledge the exponential nature of the Gospel and that the Kingdom of God is like the smallest of seeds that grows into a large plant that supports life, and gives more seeds - and will not despise the small beginning. We seek to sow, tend, water, and reap - and we also seek to raise disciples into fruitful trees that will be able to propagate and engender a whole world of fruitful trees that will be able to do the same thing.

Exemplary, Humble, Servant-Leadership - We are not sufficient in and of ourselves for this calling, but it is only because of the sovereign will, mercy, and grace of God, who works all things according to the counsel of His will, that we have received this ministry. To Him be the glory.

The Person In Front Of Us Is Loved and Part of God’s Plan to Reach the Whole World - We seek to move with the Lord and be salt and light to the person in front of us, letting the Holy Spirit do His holy and enduring work in their lives, through our lives, daily. Again, we acknowledge the exponential nature of the Gospel, and the ability of the Lord to bring a world of salvation through a single seed sown. We seek to take advantage of every opportunity to share the Word, more and more.

All Things Are Possible - We will push forward and upward, that we might obtain that for which Christ Jesus took ahold of us: eternal life. All things are possible with Him, including our mission statement. The Lord will do a new thing. We, here and now, can go farther than ever before and it is both our glory and, most importantly, that of Jesus Christ.

Being Spirit-Led - We acknowledge the indwelling within us of God’s Holy Spirit, and that He directs us. We seek to walk by faith and see the unseen by faith, through the Holy Spirit’s leading. We acknowledge that walking in step with Him and obedience to his leading when it comes feeds our ability to hear and follow His voice even more clearly and that clarity allows us to continue to walk with Him in a deeper and more effective way. We will stay open to new opportunities He is opening up, and promise to listen to all ideas and give space to foster a new work He may be doing - keeping in mind He will never lead to a place or in a way that is contrary His written Word, the Bible.

One Church - We acknowledge that the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Church, are alive. It is because of His actual life that we are alive. We acknowledge that there is one spiritual Church of believers around the world in the one Spirit. We are one with each other in Christ, as well as one with those that have gone before us in Christ, and those that will come after us. We seek to collaborate and work together with our brothers and sisters around the world for the common cause of the Gospel of the living Christ, who is filling the earth with the knowledge of Himself.

Only the Kingdom and Word of God Will Remain - We acknowledge that this precious Gospel, the Word of God that has reached us, is worth more than life itself, and we will continually sacrifice all to bring it, and make it accessible and understandable, to every soul on planet earth. We recognize that the world and time period we live in, the schema in how we even understand history, may all come and go and be buried under the sands of time, but what was done for the Kingdom of God will last, and still yet will speak for all eternity. We recognize that though things like food are needed for the body, we will set our hearts and minds on the things above, where Christ is, and seek to think the thoughts of the Spirit and move with Him in this world and build up the Kingdom of God in the time we are here. Every resource, and asset, will pass away, but the Word of our God will last forever, and this is why we exist as an organization.

Pioneering and Innovation - In whatever form it might take, we seek to always walk with a pioneering and innovative spirit; this is for the sake of the Gospel and its reach in the world.