Much of society’s strife is a result of the belief that one thing being true negates another thing being true. And we also are all affected by the use and definition of words employed - we struggle to claim a definition yet lash out on people for using the word according to their definition in their head.

Most things in this world are neither black nor white, but they are more rather ‘in one sense this, in one sense that’, and I believe we can all see that we all have good and noble intentions if we look, and we all have twisted or evil intentions at the same time.

We all, including myself, need holy, practical wisdom to be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger. Most importantly, let us all be religiously devoted to loving each other first - religiously devoted to repentance first, religiously devoted to forgiveness first, religiously devoted to surrendering our rights for love of others first.

We will see that our goal, the goal to life, is not to be right, and we will find that neither is it lastingly fulfilling.

The only true peace and love with each other we need and can have is the bond of love through the Holy Spirit and the fullness of its depth, for the sake and name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who walked this earth and suffered pain for all of us collectively and individually, and for the eyes and ears of our Creator God who loves us all and sent Jesus to die for our shortcomings.

God’s word is the only thing truly true in that it is alive and can speak to each person in their own dynamic situations at different times and at the same time, still being universally true.

It can bring peace to all of us and the world as a whole - we’re all on a journey of discipleship at different layers of our communal identities, whether they be individual, our family, our church, our subset, our nation, and as the whole world together.